For lovers of the sea and boat FINIKAS LINES  during the summer organized a beautiful day out to  explore the most beautiful  beache   of  Krorez and the castel of Porto Palermo by boat.

This small castle is located in a very beautiful position on a peninsula in the small tectonic bay of Porto Palermo (in antiquity known as sucking Panormes).
Porto Palermo Castle is located in the bay of the same name in the Ionian Sea coast in southern Albania.

This great, small castle in the Albanian riviera is heaven! It is a gift of Ali Pasha to his unique love...Vasiliki...so romantic! The castle has an attractive view of the sea almost 360o. Climbing the hill to reach the entrance you can feel the peace of the place and taste the beauty of the nature around you... if you look very carefully, you will see the entrance to the submarine pens that housed Hoxha's two submarines. When you enter in the castle  and reach the terrace a wonderful view is offered in front of you!

After the Porto Palermo we continue our journey  to the beautiful  beach of Krorez . There you will  have the chance  to  enjoy  end relax to the  unspoiled beach of KROREZ for  sunbathing, swimming  and snorkeling.



Finikas lines  give  you the opportunity for a day trip to the jewel of the Ionian Islands, the  cosmopolitan    island of Corfu .Departure in the morning and return in the evening  with the boat of our line .The island of Corfu is located on the north western side of Greece.

The Old Town is a gem for sightseeing, with the two Venetian fortresses, the interesting museums, Spianada Square and Liston Street, the wonderful paved street that is a copy of Rue de Rivoli in Paris. In a street beside Liston, is the church of Agios Spyridon, protector of the island its bell tower is the tallest from all churches of the town. ..

Do not miss it !!!  Create with us beautiful and precious memories