For  a beautiful day out and a memorable experience join us to visit the beautiful town of Parga.

Parga is on the northwest mainland of Greece .This small town is situated in a secluded bay of the Ionian Sea.

Our trip starts in the morning by bus. You will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful town of Parga ,the castle of Ali Pasha ,the beautiful and picturesque streets and old houses of Pargas.

After exploring the city you will have the  opportunity to admire by boat  the lacy and rocky beaches of  Pargas. Also you will  stop  to Lychnos beach for swimming and sunbathing. At the end of the day you will have a beautiful memory and  a wish to come back.

Highly recommended from our customers



For  lovers of history and archeology  join  with us to explore the BUTRINTIi and Lekoursi castle with our new a/c  buses and our knowledgeable guides.

The ancient ruins of Butrint lie 18km (11mi) south of Saranda and are a real gem if you have a fascination for the ancient world. The remains are from a variety of periods, spanning 2500 years. 

The park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site , is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country containing different artifacts and structures which date from the Bronze Age up until the 19th century. A number of major monuments are still extant including the city walls, late-antique baptistery, great basilica, theatre and Venetian castles.

Lekoursi castle is located on the hill top of  Saranda, The castle was a garrison built up by turkish soldiers in XVII century aiming at controlling of routes crossing at the junction of Saranda,

The castle consists of a square plan by dimensions 42x44m and two round towers, each a south-west side and south-east side, further one rectangular tower on the west-side wall.


We give you the opportunity to explore the  city of thousand stairs  Gjirokastra in combination With  the Blue Eye spring  an organized  bus tour  with a guide in your  language.

The UNESCO World Heritage Town situated in southern Albania, Gjirokastra perches on the steep side of the Drino valley overlooking an historic landscape framed by snow-capped mountains. 


This ‘city of a thousand steps’ comprises hundreds of Ottoman-style tower houses with distinctive stone roofs, wooden balconies and whitewashed stone walls.  Dominated by the sheer flanks of its vast castle, Gjirokastra is a magical city with a tumultuous past.

Blue eye spring is situated 1km far away from Saranda-Gjirokastra roadway. The average outflow of this source is 6m3/sec and its depth is 45m.The area around the lake has a very rich flora and fauna, where you can find  river trout and many wild animals like: marten, fox and different kinds of reptiles e.t.c