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For  lovers of history and archeology  join  with us to explore the BUTRINTIi and Lekoursi castle with our new a/c  buses and our knowledgeable guides.

The ancient ruins of Butrint lie 18km (11mi) south of Saranda and are a real gem if you have a fascination for the ancient world. The remains are from a variety of periods, spanning 2500 years. 

The park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site , is one of the most important archaeological sites in the country containing different artifacts and structures which date from the Bronze Age up until the 19th century. A number of major monuments are still extant including the city walls, late-antique baptistery, great basilica, theatre and Venetian castles.

Lekoursi castle is located on the hill top of  Saranda, The castle was a garrison built up by turkish soldiers in XVII century aiming at controlling of routes crossing at the junction of Saranda,

The castle consists of a square plan by dimensions 42x44m and two round towers, each a south-west side and south-east side, further one rectangular tower on the west-side wall


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