Daily trip to Krorez and Porto Palermo

Time of departure: 9:30

Time of arrival: 17:00

Discover two of Albania’s most enchanting beaches on a journey that allows you to indulge in the most turquoise part of the Ionian Sea, swim in idyllic and unspoiled waters, snorkel along octopi, colorful fish and if you’re lucky enough even Manta rays as well as unravel the history of Albania by exploring the Porto Palermo caste in whose architecture you can find traces of both colonial and communist ancestry. 

Getting to Krorez beach feels like an impossible odyssey for most as it can only be reached by boat. Therefore, although only thirty minutes by boat, it’s almost deserted which makes it feel as if you have reached the end of the world. You’ll have about two and a half hours to enjoy the lagoon-like water, the golden sand and the view created by the forest which covers the whole mountain range that lies along this part of the cost.

The historic bay of Porto Palermo is forty-five minutes from Krorez. Forty-five minutes during which you’ll have another chance to enjoy more of the rocky coast and the dreamiest waters while sipping a cold drink and have our crew take you hundreds of years back in time and in what things used to be.

Porto Palermo named after Palermo in Italy due to their resemblance will travel you along with the milestones in Albanian history. The castle built during the 16th  century by the Venetians, reconstructed by the Ottomans as well as the Albanians during the communist time is ideal for architecture-fanatics as they will be able to indulge in architectural patterns they have never seen before. The 15 m high walls will provide the necessary background for Pinterest-like pictures. You will have a chance to enjoy the warm waters of this bay but also taste the best of the Mediterranean cuisine in the local restaurants.

If your idea of paradise is to swim in mesmerizing sky-blue waters, sail along the deep Ionian Sea and learn more about the history of our country through the ancestral traces left behind this trip has certainly something to offer.

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Finikas Lines - The ferry line has started operating normally!​


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