ALBANIAN DAILY NEWS: Saranda-Corfu Ferry Line Resumes after 1 Year and a Half

After a suspension of a year and a half, the ferry line between Saranda and Corfu will totally be functional this July. The news was made public by the Minister of Economy, Anila Denaj, who said that the opening will happen on July 5.

According to her, this is very positive news, as this ferry line was totally out of function due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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EURONEWS.AL: Corfu-Saranda ferry to set sail again

The ferry line connecting Corfu and Saranda will set sail again after a period of suspension, confirmed the owners of the company in light of a publication at the Official Gazette.

According to the owner of the Saranda-Corfu ferry line, Andrea Qirjako, passengers will soon learn the travel hours as well necessary protocol.

Euronews Albania correspondent, Viktor Avdiaj, reported that transportation is set to resume on Jul1 or 2.

However, the measures in force for those wanting to cross the border through the sea are expected to be very strict.

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SarandaNews Më në fund: Hapet linja e trageteve Korfuz-Sarandë dhe anasjelltas

Duke nisur nga dita e sotme,  hapet linja e lëvizjes së udhëtarëve me traget në linjën Korfuz – Sarandë dhe anasjelltas Sarandë – Korfuz. Lajmi është bërë publik nga në një njoftim në fletoren zyrtare greke të mbërritur mbrëmjen e së premtes.
​Gjatë ditës së sotme, sipas pronarit të tragetit Sarandë – Korfuz, Andrea Qirjako do të informohen udhëtarët për oraret e lëvizjes dhe protokollet në linjën Sarandë – Korfuz Qirjako shkruan sot per kete lajm te shumpritur :

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Bucket List Challenge

Prime issues to do in Albania. How many things have you seen, been, to, or done?

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Explore in One Day Butrint & Saranda

This Guide of Saranda, Butrint, and Gjirokastra is an intensive activity discovering 2 UNESCO sites in Albania.
The tour starts with a long, panoramic drive along the Riviera. The tour is based on comfortable driving and easy walking while visiting the sites with the possibility to explore even Albanian Gastronomy with local life and local daily local activities.

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Albanian Riviera

It’s an absolutely stunning area and home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

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A day trip to Paxos and Antipaxos

Take a day cruise from Corfu south to the tiny islands of Paxos and Antipaxos. These two islands, considered the gems of the Ionian, are famous for their blue caves, fishing villages, and crystal clear waters. Most day cruises offer swimming or snorkeling as well as time ashore in Gaios town on Paxos.

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How to get from Corfu to Albania?

Want to travel to #Albania?

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What to do when in Saranda?

Saranda is the unofficial capital of the Albanian Riviera, and during the summer months, it seems like half of Tirana relocates here to enjoy the busy beach and busier nightlife along its crowd-filled seaside promenade.

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Covid notice update

The sea border with Greece – Corfu – Saranda – Albania for the moment remains closed because of Covid-19.

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